Laura Dern is an actress who has acted in a total of three films by director David Lynch. This page will mainly focus on Dern's career in David Lynch's works.

Blue Velvet (1986) Edit

In Blue Velvet Dern plays Sandy Williams, serving as the girl-next-door love interest to Kyle MacLachlan’s character, Jeffrey. 

As Jeffrey dives deeper into the mystery Sandy is drawn deeper in as well. Jeffrey becomes involved with Dorothy behind Sandy’s back and the picture of a classic 50’s couple is corrupted and twisted by his infidelity and the situation at hand. However Sandy ultimately forgives Jeffrey and accepts him back while helping him. The film received overall positive critical reviews but did see some pushback, generally due to Lynch's style of filmmaking. 

Wild at Heart (1990) Edit

In Wild at Heart Dern once again plays lover to the protagonist, this time with Nicolas Cage. This time Dern is Lula, a woman who has fallen head over heels for Sailor (Cage) with an oppressive mother, traumatic childhood, and is revealed to be pregnant with Sailor’s child. While the film did make 4.6 million over its budget, the film received mixed reviews, including a negative review from Roger Ebert, who described the film as “dishonest”. 

Inland Empire (2006) Edit

The last film that Dern has appeared in which David Lynch directed was his 2006 film Inland Empire. In the film Dern plays an actress cast to a film that is being shot in a way which twists the mind of the viewer. The film, while not a huge box-office hit (only making 4 million dollars) was overall praised critically. 

Twin Peaks (2017) Edit

Dern has been confirmed to have a role the 2017 remake of David Lynch's Twin Peaks however her role is not yet known.