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"I was asked by George to talk to him about directing ‘Return of the Jedi.’ I had next to zero interest, but I always admired George. He’s a guy who does what he loves. And I do what I love. The difference is what George loves makes hundreds of billions of dollars." - David Lynch
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi is the third and final installment film of an original Star Wars space opera trilogy originally intended for David Lynch to direct. However, the film ended being directed by Richard Marquand.

Written by Lawrence Kasdan and George Lucas, David Lynch was the first to be invited, by George Lucas, to direct Return of the Jedi but turned down the offer after meeting with Mr. Lucas to review the proposal. Lynch at the time was most popularly known for directing Eraser Head and The Elephant Man.

Revisiting a public interview, Lynch explains the deterrents that he encountered when being faced with the possibility of directing the epic trilogy such as an elaborate Hollywood rendezvous that required a special credit card, key and map. Lynch advises that while meeting with George he began to get a headache and then shortly after being showed the "wookies" was given a ride in George's Ferrari to a restaurant that only sold salads.

"Not that I don't like salad but that's all they had was salad." - David Lynch
At this point, Lynch advised that his headache had become a migraine and all he wanted to do was go home. At that time, he went into a phone booth and called his agent to advise that there was "no way - no way! That [he] could do this."

Lynch believed that George Lucas should direct the film but when confronted with the idea Lucas shared that he doesn't really enjoy directing.

David Lynch was also reminded by his lawyer with how much money he was missing out on but Lynch seems to be okay with that. Shortly after, Lynch directed his own version of a space opera / sci-fi film: Dune (1984).

David Lynch Meets George Lucas

David Lynch Meets George Lucas